Grouped orders

Are you a business person looking to offer exceptional gifts? Amédée Paris scarves, squares and stoles are ideal business presents. With their timeless, elegant designs and irreproachable quality thanks to their precious, ecological Merino wool fibers, each Amédée Paris model will no doubt be appreciated and also transmit a wonderful message from you to its recipient.

The Amédée Paris team will be happy to help you put together a personalized group order with a custom-made selection, personalized models and colors. You can also request gift packaging that includes both your and our company’s logo that will be delivered by a private shipper. Amédée Paris goes all out to meet the needs of its professional clients.

The Amédée Paris team is ready to adapt itself to your requests to offer an exceptional, custom-made grouped order.

Please contact us at in specifying “group order” as the object and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to put together a custom-made order with you.