Amédée Paris is a young, eco-responsible brand specialized in Merino wool

Following a trip to Patagonia in 2018, Amédée Päris was born from the unification of luxury cruising and weaving.

A subsidiary of the Chargeurs group, which ensured maritime transportation of goods between Latin America and Europe, Amédée Paris found its name from a revolutionary in wool combing. In 1851, Amédée Prouvost founded his first workshop in Roubaix, France and became known as the poet of printed collections and gave his name to Amédée Combing.

Over the years, the Chargeurs group diversified and the wool activities of the Prouvost group prospered. In 1987, these two pioneering companies, curious and open to the world, united their destiny to become the main reference each in their fields.

Since 2018, Amédée Paris has been the ambassador of this wealth of cultures. The collections, largely inspired by travel, are all made with ultra-light Merino and certified by the group's Nativa Precious Fiber label. This exceptional level of artisanal quality and our environmental requirements are driven by these extraordinary origins.