Amédée 1851, the first luxury accessories label by Chargeurs, wants to emphasize its history of continuity

Amédée 1851 was born out of an ambitious vision: valuing the Organica precious and eco-friendly Merino wool by creating an online luxury house for scarves.

It is in order to implement this innovative and disruptive vision, carried by the Chargeurs Chairman and CEO, Michaël Fribourg, that Deborah Berger, its founder, left the financial industry to found Amédée 1851 within the technical textile and luxury fibers global champion, Chargeurs.

By gathering exceptional creative and digital talent from every horizon, using agile and collaborative methods, Amédée 1851 has intended to create a modern brand, anchored in the modern era and faithful to its authentic heritage: the golden years of the Art Deco movement and the spirit of Chargeurs Réunis cruises.

Uncompromising about style and quality, Amédée 1851 is also eco-friendly, an obvious choice today. True luxury, in a warm and convivial spirit, respectful of diversity accompanying all passionate, demanding and committed women and men on their personal voyages.

The origin of Amédée 1851 : Amédée Prouvost and Jules Vignal, two visions for a communal history…

1851: manufacturer and innovative entrepreneur Amédée Prouvost created the Amédée Combing Mill that became one of the most important combing-mills of its kind in the world, known for its magnificent Merino fibers brought from the four corners of the globe. Its radiance even earned the factory a visit from the Queen of England in 1957.

Amédée 1851 would certainly have not been the same without its other protagonist and second heritage, that of the Chargeurs group.

1872: Jules Vignal created the Compagnie des Chargeurs Réunis that was a specialist, at the time, in sea transport. The Compagnie des Chargeurs Réunis developed its first contacts with the Amédée Combing Mill by transporting the Merino wool that eventually made the factory’s reputation.

The two threads came together in 1987 when the Chargeurs group bought the Prouvost group’s wool activities. This union let Chargeurs develop its excellent skills in wool combing, a mastery acknowledged internationally.

Amédée 1851 today navigates between heritage and modernity. Amédée 1851 is resolutely anchored in the era of digital luxury and seamless manufacturing while associating exceptional high-quality products made in a “slow” way in France and Italy, based on ancestral know-how.

Amédée 1851, timeless chic

At once free and strong, Amédée 1851 has been conceived for committed, passionate women and men who adore beauty.

The models are designed to be timeless yet innovative, to update the category, to give a fresh sense to “basics” or “must-haves” and to evolve in spontaneous capsule collections or limited editions that will reinforce the permanent collection.

If Amédée 1851 is a voyage, it is also the destination of those who love beauty and seek an essential companion accessory for their personal odyssey. Their “fellow traveller” will help them make discoveries, preserve their memories… and can be transmitted to the next generation who may also be passionate about adventures.

Amédée Prouvost