Amédée Paris came to be from the union of two iconic French companies: The Chargeurs Group and Amédée Prouvost’s wool combing mill.

In 1851, Amédée Prouvost revolutionized the wool combing industry with his innovation in looms and wool trading. In 1872, Jules Vignal created the Compagnie des Chargeurs Réunis, a specialist in sea transport. These two entities were both born in the 19th century and joined as one in 1987 when Chargeurs purchased the Roubaix-based combing mill and entities from the Prouvost’s group.

Over the 21st century, the Chargeurs group evolved into the company it is today, constantly in search of new routes to embark on. With the idea to develop a luxury brand that speaks to our heritage as well as the ability to bring the creativity and craftsmanship to the world, Amédée Paris was born: a luxury brand that draws inspiration from our heritage in our aesthetic with an eye towards the future in our eco-responsible and exceptional craftsmanship.

Since 2018, Amédée Paris has been drawing on this wealth of history and inspiration to breathe life into our ultra-light, merino wool scarves certified by Nativa Precious Fiber. Today, our level of craftsmanship and our environmental requirements are driven by these extraordinary origins.