We like the contrast and the singularity. Things that last and the desire for new things.

We love honoring traditions & creating new ones. Natural wool & assertive styles.

We like small trips & great details. Sharing & selfish moments.

We like to talk to sheep breeders & creators.

We especially like to put all this in our scarves so that they make you feel light.

Our Values & Commitment

Our founders lived in a world where they loved to travel far distances over longer periods of time, appreciated diverse cultures without appropriation, and drew inspiration from global aesthetics without leaving a negative impact on our planet.

Anchored in that mentality and backed by our modern blockchain-integrated technology with Nativa Precious Fiber, Amédée Paris is committed to protecting the environment, caring for our animals and creating the highest-quality luxury products for you.

With endless possibilities at our fingertips, our capsules weave multiple traditions together to create distinct and timeless collections. Each scarf is thought of as an expedition, a dive into the colors, a discovery of style, to feel free and inspired.

This philosophy is carried out by our entire Amédée Paris team, from the Paris office to our sheep farmers all over the world.