Time regained through precious things

A warm, cheerful color, the wrinkling sound of an exceptional fabric, the inimitable softness of wool against the skin.

The senses are alert as we remember the precise moment when we tossed a shawl across our shoulder, tied a scarf around our neck or carefully tucked a blanket around a loved one on a winter evening…

The essence of Amédée 1851 : precious ultra-soft Merino wool

For Amédée 1851, “time regained through precious things” is a philosophy and also an experience at once untouched by time and timeless.

It takes little to transport us faraway to familiar or unknown countries, cradled by emotions provoked by our journey. We close our eyes to absorb the sensations of a soft, comforting, unique Merino wool, the essence of Amédée 1851.

This wool symbolically links Amédée Prouvost and Chargeurs Réunis on a path through many continents along the wool routes in exceptional places like Patagonia or Tasmania.

Rediscover the moments that make each path a precious circuit

A personal Odyssey

This “slow”, introspective travelling mood also recalls the adventures of Chargeurs Réunis. The company’s ocean cruises, designed for beautiful ladies and privileged gentlemen, provided round-the-world tours in the early days of the 20th century on cruise ships with a visionary comfort and modernity.

The journeys gave them the opportunity to take their time, lounge and dream. They explored exotic lands - and themselves at the same time - by sailing the seas and absorbing the fragrant ocean spray. They listened to the sound of the waves, doing nothing else for days on end.

Amédée 1851 is an ode to the senses, to the idea of here or elsewhere… vast and exceptional… or intimate. Its models are conceived for those who journey through life with flair and pragmatism as they seek new horizons or internal voyages.