All of our products are made in France & Italy

To make our ultra-light Merino scarves, Amédée Paris chooses our craftsmen with the same thoroughness as our sheep. Spinners, knitters, and printers were selected for their unique know-how. These partners are rare and precious and are all acclaimed by the big luxury houses.

In France, wool and muslin twill are woven in the Lyon region, the cradle of screen printing. Printing on the frame is a traditional technique that allows color to pass through the material to create vivid and clear colors on wool, on both sides of the fabric.

In Italy, Merino jersey is knitted in Biella, which has been famous for their drapers since 1840. Their unparalleled finesse has made it possible to invent the tailored scarf: a flexible and stretch fabric, 100% wool, and falls perfect.

Finally, around Lake Como, nestles our weaver, who also prints colors on wool. Their digital technique achieves an exceptional level of detail and precision for the most complex patterns.