All of our products are made in France & Italy

Amédée Paris ensures the highest level of craftsmanship in all of our products.

One of our most popular products utilize Merino wool twill - ultralight, ultrasoft and durable. Our Merino wool chiffon is as light as a feather and our jersey uses a knitted mesh developed specifically for Amédée Paris.

Our twill wool and wool chiffon are woven in the French region of Lyon where our artisans use traditional screen printing techniques to create bright and sharp shades on both sides of our twill scarves.

Our jersey knitters hail from Biella, Italy - famous for their clothiers since 1840 - and are unmatched in their finesse to create the perfect balance of soft and stretch in our 100% Merino wool scarves. Our weavers are nestled around the famed Lake Como, where modern printing techniques are able to achieve exceptional precision against a timeless backdrop.

Whether hand-rolled, fringed, or simply sewn, all of our finishes add the perfect final touch to all of our products. Hand-rolled scarves are delicately rolled then finished by a single stitch running along all four sides of the scarf. The fringe is just as delicate as the last threads of the scarf are loosened to a single centimeter and the final two threads are knotted together to prevent fraying.