Amédée 1851 : luxury and eco-responsibility

Our models, that fashion the world we love to wander through, sum up the Amédée 1851 story and offer the most precious memories.

For Amédée 1851, creating can only be done with a clear conscience and a sense of responsibility by taking into account environmental challenges and the fashion industry’s impact on the planet.

We create while thinking of tomorrow and future generations, we conceive the beautiful and long-lasting by inscribing ourselves in our history.

Respect of animals, the environment and workers… The evidence of Organica

Selecting eco-responsible Organica wool from Tasmania, Patagonia and Uruguay was obvious for Amédée 1851.

With its incomparable softness, finesse and exceptionally high-quality fibers, the qualities of Merino wool were already noticed under the reign of Louis XVI.

At the time, the king installed the pure Merino sheep offered to him by his cousin, the king of Spain, in his royal farm in Rambouillet. The wool from the sheep’s offspring, who were sent to South America, returned to France at the beginning of the 20th century on Chargeurs Réunis ocean liners and was delivered to the Amédée Combing Mill.

Organica wool, descended from this prestigious lineage, is the link between the two companies… an irony of history!

The exceptional properties of a naturally precious fiber

But the Organica wool Amédée 1851 has chosen is also exceptional for its eco-responsible commitments: respect for the environment, attention given to the animals’ well-being and social responsibility.

Using the integral virtues of this wool with its natural, biodegradable, breathable and heat-regulating fibers is part of Amédée 1851’s conscious approach that it continues throughout its voyage.