To achieve environmental balance, Amédée Paris works under the international label of Nativa Precious Fiber, guaranteeing the production of eco-responsible wool from farms using a detailed protocol following animal living conditions, soil analysis and management, pasture rotations, prohibition of mutilating practices, workers' qualifications, and transport - all certified by Blockchain technology.

The Nativa Precious Fiber label itself is verified by an independent body, the Ethical Trade Control Union. This allows us to guarantee a peaceful, healthy life for sheep living in respectful, responsible farms that are able to produce the highest-quality textiles.

We are proud to certify all collections of Amédée Paris scarves with the Nativa Precious Fiber label.


All of our eco-responsible Merino wool textiles certified by Nativa Precious Fiber are ultra-light, breathable, thermoregulatory, and antibacterial. Our commitment stretches to produce products that leave the smallest carbon footprint with the highest quality materials.

Merino sheep have been bred from a long cross of the best specimens for hundreds of years. Our varieties today produce a generous and abundant wool that can reach several tens of pounds on their backs. This weight can be cumbersome, even dangerous to carry daily for our sheep. It is therefore with a feeling of release that the sheep are regularly shorn by professionals certified by the Nativa Precious Fiber label in early spring. They come out with a light heart, ready to roam freely on our eco-responsible farms.


To maintain transparency and respect to our animals, Nativa Precious Fiber utilizes blockchain technology to provide the most advanced certification to date. To put it simply, every stakeholder in the production chain is connected through a digital validation system.

Each stage of the work is validated by several anonymous entities before triggering the next step of the process. The shared information is encrypted and if an error is detected - or a criterion missing - then the chain is stopped. All of our steps are traceable, allowing for each scarf to go through the production line while still being able to pinpoint exactly which sheep on which farm supplied the wool for that particular piece.