A story is not only told in words. It is told through hands drawing on paper, delving into the past to embellish tomorrow’s memories.

Amédée 1851 is a link between a bygone era and a future in movement. It is influenced by eras whose spirits and lifestyles have left their mark on its models… and motifs.

A crossroads between voyages, Art Deco and the atmosphere of leisurely ocean cruises…

The palm leaf is an emblematic symbol of the Art Deco movement that spread through the world in the 1920s, imposing itself in all artistic areas including architecture. Now it crosses paths with textiles and is redrawn by top illustrators who have created a unique, exclusive version.

Graphic and modern, mixing traditional codes with the freshness of our era, the Amédée 1851 palm leaf is developed, colored and reproduced on different models.

Another sketched emblem… graphic lines represent the waves that carried the Chargeurs Réunis ocean liners. Taking a look backward to better move forward, Amédée 1851 shares its history of long-distance ocean voyages where people took their time and returned with unforgettable memories.

More reminders of voyages and explorations thanks to the old nautical charts or compasses that helped travellers land on faraway coastlines.

Amédée 1851’s iconography includes models that evoke old travel posters featuring the wool routes or Monte Fitz Roy, the highest mountain in Patagonia. These resolutely contemporary inspirations from yesterday incite getaways with an elegant, urban flair.

This is what the Amédée 1851 models are all about. They combine styles and highlight sharing, complicity and a French lifestyle to accompany modern nomads on their personal odyssey.